Jason contributes to provide the business consultation, project design, products research and development, system integration, data analysis, etc.to support the water supply company with the programming and construction of information: The company strives to promote the management and achievement in virtue of the “Smart Water” products and service, making it digital water supply and intelligent water solution.

Jason smart water system combines world-advanced sensors, software and services with SMART WATERSUPPLY CLOUD PLATFORM.

Project Introduction:

The meter reading scheme is mainly composed of direct reading remote water meter, collector, concentrator and water cloud management platform. The scheme can meet the needs of different users. Users can choose according to the actual situation: photoelectric direct reading remote transmission (valve control) Water meter, IP IoT remote water meter,  LORA meter and other metering equipment, terminal equipment can choose DCT-2001W collector, DCT-2500G data collector, MRC-3000W data concentrator.

No matter what type of water meter and terminal equipment are selected and how the communication mode is selected, the collected data will be uploaded to the water cloud management platform and standardized into the system, 

Combining user structure and management strategy in different areas of each Water Supply Company to customize specialized water reading solutions.

1.Preferred bus structure direct reading for the region with strong integrated wiring; 

2.Preferred IoT water meter for indoor or region with simple constrution and water meter is dispersive ; 

3.Preferred wired and wireless solution if the water meters are in corridor; 

4.Preferred GPRS collector for the region that cost of GPRS is lower and simple construction; 

5.Preferred mix water reading solution if environment is complex that needs high installation requirement;


Two modes as automatic remote transmission meter reading:

MBUS/RS485 wired

LORA wireless

Communication supports GPRS/LoRa

Smart Measurement:

No pulse accumulation error : Adopting photoelectric direct reading technique, numbers can be read through meter window;

No power supply: Direct reading device would be power up only in a breath while meter reading;

Easy construction: Three structures is convenient for construction and maintaining;

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