• M-Bus Direct Reading Photoelectric Water Meter Dry Type 产品型号:

Direct Reading Remote  Transmission Dry Water Meter 


1.Zero Error: Using the unique coding technology,  the sensor directly reads the wheel position of thecounter.Afterdecoding, the data is transmitted to the system and display the same value as the water meter window shows. Reading difficulties and errors will not caused by time and environment. The system data is exactly the same as the data of basic water meter that is realizing zero error real-time meter reading;

2.Direct Reading Without Power: No need power supply at ordinary times , only need to supply power at the moment when meter reading. Low failure rate and power consumption and long service life;

3.Will Not Affect the Accuracy of Original Meter: The sensor part of the direct reading meter has no mechanical contact with the counter in the water meter, which will not affect the accuracy of original water meter and completely solve the problem about accuracy of direct reading water meter;

4.Electromagnetic Compatibility: EMC testing meets national standards and overcomes the problem of direct reading water meters being affected by external electromagnetic interference;

5.Convenient Construction Management: Each water meter has a unique address code belonging to this meter, which is convenient for management and maintenance on site;

6.Malfunction Protection: A malfunction protection device is designed for the bus open circuit and short circuit idle;

7.Ingress Protection: IP68;


Technical index:

Pressure Lose Level
Direct Reading Digits
4 Digits(1 Decimal Place Optional)
Working Voltage
36V(M-bus) or 12V(RS485)
T30(Cold Water), T90(Hot Water)
Insulation Compressive Strength

Installation Size of Horizontal Type:


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